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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCbasic_argType-erased scanning argument
|oCtemporaryAllows reading an rvalue
|oCscanner< CharT, T, typename std::enable_if< detail::is_std_streamable< CharT, T >::value >::type >
|oCscanner< CharT, CharT >
|oCscanner< CharT, span< CharT > >
|oCscanner< CharT, bool >
|oCscanner< CharT, short >
|oCscanner< CharT, int >
|oCscanner< CharT, long >
|oCscanner< CharT, long long >
|oCscanner< CharT, unsigned short >
|oCscanner< CharT, unsigned int >
|oCscanner< CharT, unsigned long >
|oCscanner< CharT, unsigned long long >
|oCscanner< CharT, float >
|oCscanner< CharT, double >
|oCscanner< CharT, long double >
|oCscanner< CharT, std::basic_string< CharT > >
|oCscanner< CharT, basic_string_view< CharT > >
|oCerrorError class
|oCexpectedExpected-like type
|oCexpected< T, Error, typename std::enable_if< std::is_default_constructible< T >::value >::type >Expected-like type for default-constructible success values
|oCexpected< T, Error, typename std::enable_if< !std::is_default_constructible< T >::value >::type >Expected-like type for non-default-constructible success values
|oCscanner< CharT, discard_type< T > >
|oCspanA view over a contiguous range
|oCbasic_string_viewA view over a (sub)string
 oCtuple_size<::scn::detail::ranges::subrange< I, S, K > >
 oCtuple_element< 0,::scn::detail::ranges::subrange< I, S, K > >
 \Ctuple_element< 1,::scn::detail::ranges::subrange< I, S, K > >