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scn::stream_base Struct Reference

#include <stream.h>

Inheritance diagram for scn::stream_base:
scn::basic_bidirectional_iterator_stream< Iterator > scn::basic_cstdio_stream< char > scn::basic_cstdio_stream< wchar_t > scn::basic_forward_iterator_stream< Iterator > scn::basic_null_stream< Char > scn::basic_static_container_stream< Char, Container > scn::basic_static_container_stream< Char, span< const Char > > scn::basic_std_istream_stream< CharT > scn::erased_stream< CharT > scn::ranges::basic_bidirectional_range_stream< Range > scn::ranges::basic_forward_range_stream< Range >

Public Types

using is_sized_stream = std::false_type

Public Member Functions

SCN_CONSTEXPR14 void _set_bad () noexcept
SCN_CONSTEXPR bool bad () const noexcept
SCN_CONSTEXPR operator bool () const noexcept

Detailed Description

Definition at line 218 of file stream.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

using scn::stream_base::is_sized_stream = std::false_type

Definition at line 219 of file stream.h.

Member Function Documentation

SCN_CONSTEXPR14 void scn::stream_base::_set_bad ( )

Definition at line 221 of file stream.h.

SCN_CONSTEXPR bool scn::stream_base::bad ( ) const

Definition at line 226 of file stream.h.

SCN_CONSTEXPR scn::stream_base::operator bool ( ) const

Definition at line 231 of file stream.h.

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